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How to Lead Change You Don’t Agree With

Leading Change You Disagree With Leading change that you support — or, better yet, created — is easy. When it’s your idea or initiative, your energy is positive and you are 100% focused on successfully...

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7 Undeniable Signs it’s Time to Fire an Employee

When should you fire an employee? We’ve all dealt with challenging employees at some point in our careers.  As a leader, it can be extremely difficult to know when you’ve gone from dealing with a challenging...

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10 Ways to Destroy Team Morale

Destroy-Team-Morale In the world of executive coaching, you get to witness the highs and lows of leadership. Here’s an example of a low: I am working with a team that recently...

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8 Leadership Myths We Need to Bust

Leadership myths  What does it take to be a great leader? That’s a loaded question to answer, and far too many people base their incorrect answers on popular myths and misconceptions about...

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6 Ways to Banish Boss Bashing

Gossip in the workplace An employee recently told me about her boss’s lack of empathy and ability to relate to his team. She concluded by saying, “I don’t wish him any ill will.  But...

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