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9 Tips for Refereeing Employee Conflicts

employee-disagreements Most seasoned managers have, at some point in their careers, had to deal with two employees who either don’t like each other, or refused to work together. When managers find...

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Pope Francis…It’s Easy to Follow a Leader with a Great Vision

Pope-Francis Regardless of your religious or political stance on the many controversial issues filling news headlines these days, it’s hard to deny the largely positive effect Pope Francis has had on...

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10 Reasons Why Your Feedback Falls on Deaf Ears

feedback-not-heard Leadership is about developing people, and that includes giving difficult feedback to employees about their performance. Leaders who see corrective feedback as a partnership with their employees and an opportunity...

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10 Traits of Leaders Who Successfully Drive Change

challenges-with-change-employees Leaders may or may not have a title, but what they always have are relationships where people are motivated to follow them in the direction they are heading. Leaders also...

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How Do You Handle a Brilliant Jerk?

managing-challenging-employees I’ve worked on several executive coaching projects where one member of the team is a royal jerk. What makes someone a jerk? Here’s our definition: a jerk or jackass is...

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