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Compassion…Sometimes Being Soft is Really Hard

Compassion and Leadership I am writing this blog for myself, and all other leaders who would describe themselves as directors or drivers. You know who you are – bottom line, results-oriented leaders with...

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10 Hiring Mistakes You’re Still Making

Hiring Mistakes Recently, a manager I was coaching said he was recovering from firing a P.U.R.E. This phrase was new to me. When I inquired, he translated:  Previously Undetected Recruiting Error. If...

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Great Leaders Need to Say “No!”

How to Say No I’m willing to bet there isn’t a single leader out there who doesn’t wish they had at least 25 hours in a day to get everything done. Great leaders have...

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Not Making Mistakes IS Your Biggest Mistake

Why You Should Make More Mistakes Too many people in this world believe mistakes are bad. If fact, if you attended Our Lady of Corporal Punishment Religious School, you were physically punished for making mistakes. Punishment...

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Are You an Unhappy Leader?

Happiness and Leadership As Oscar Wilde so eloquently described it, “Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.” We all experience ups and downs in our moods, but have you considered...

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