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8 Ways to Promote Constructive Disagreements

leadership-healthy-disagreements Disagreements are a positive, normal and necessary part of building a great relationship or a team. Therefore, as an effective leader with followers, learning how to constructively manage disagreements is...

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Why Leaders Need to Ignore the Golden Rule

Leadership-golden-rule Most of us grew up with parents and teachers who taught us the Golden Rule; treat others the way you want to be treated. That is an awesome rule of...

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4 Mistakes Really Nice Leaders Make

Nice-leaders-fail We all want to be liked and accepted in both our personal and professional lives. But when it comes to effective leadership, a high need to be liked most often...

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7 Ways to Give Difficult Feedback

providing-employee-feedback No one enjoys receiving negative feedback, and I’m willing to bet that providing employees with negative feedback on performance issues doesn’t top the list of favorite leadership responsibilities. It’s an...

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7 Reasons Why Your Meetings are a Waste of Time

leaders-effective-meetings An executive we coach asked me if I did training sessions on how to conduct productive meetings. When I asked why he was interested, he told me, “I’ve spent 12...

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