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Is Your Employee Engagement Strategy Falling Short?

Organizational culture strategies Employee engagement is a top concern for today’s organizations, and for good reason. With only 30% of the workforce engaged, disengaged employees are costing the U.S. an astounding $450-550 billion...

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How to Lead Change You Don’t Agree With

Leading Change You Disagree With Leading change that you support — or, better yet, created — is easy. When it’s your idea or initiative, your energy is positive and you are 100% focused on successfully...

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7 Undeniable Signs it’s Time to Fire an Employee

When should you fire an employee? We’ve all dealt with challenging employees at some point in our careers.  As a leader, it can be extremely difficult to know when you’ve gone from dealing with a challenging...

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10 Ways to Destroy Team Morale

Destroy-Team-Morale In the world of executive coaching, you get to witness the highs and lows of leadership. Here’s an example of a low: I am working with a team that recently...

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8 Leadership Myths We Need to Bust

Leadership myths  What does it take to be a great leader? That’s a loaded question to answer, and far too many people base their incorrect answers on popular myths and misconceptions about...

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