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The Arrogant Leadership Test

Confident Businessman Crossing Arms on Front Arrogant leaders operate under the belief that they are simply confident go-getters. Actually, arrogant leaders believe a lot of things about themselves that are; A) false, and B) severely detrimental...

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The 5 Signs of a Thriving Workplace Culture

Characteristics of a Strong Workplace Culture Most people would agree that the culture of your organization is critically important to its success. As Peter Drucker said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Consider these examples for a...

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Top 10 Traits of a Confident & Competent Leader

Confidence-Competance If you were to write down all of the traits a strong leader should have, you could create quite an impressive list. No matter what traits you write on that...

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These Employees Are Stealing from Your Organization

disengaged-employees We love asking the leaders we work with, “How much can an employee steal from your organization before they get fired?” The response is almost always, “If an employee steals,...

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Making Your 360 Leadership Development Assessment Work for You

acting-on-leadership-survey You asked for feedback on what you could do to be a stronger leader. The most important thing you can do now is take action. Leaders who diligently act on...

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