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The Power of Gratitude in Leadership

show-gratitude The holidays are a great time for reflecting on the people we are grateful for in both our personal and professional lives. That’s great, but far too many people neglect...

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Why Do Managers Lead With Fear?

leading-with-fear I am currently working with a manager who told his team, “If this campaign isn’t perfect when we launch, some of you will be looking for a new job.” Yikes....

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8 Ways to Delegate More Effectively

How-to-delegate Most leaders are familiar with the feeling that there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. If you find your to-do list growing alarmingly long, however,...

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7 Issues Employees Refuse to Tell their Manager

Listening-to-employees Great leaders are in tune with their team and aware of what they’re really thinking and feeling. When we think about the competencies of a great leader, the following are...

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6 Words Undermining Your Ability to Build Trust

Building-Trust “Let me be honest with you.” “I need to be transparent with you.” “Can I be frank?” We hear these phrases frequently, but they all share one big problem. Indirectly,...

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