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Leading with Gratitude

Gratitude in Leadership
As Thanksgiving approaches, we are reminded of the importance of gratitude in our personal lives. But what about our professional lives? And what about showing gratitude the other 51 weeks of the year when Thanksgiving and turkey aren’t occupying our thoughts? When we ask survey participants in our seminars, “What are the characteristics of a […]
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How Great Leaders Thrive on Criticism

Dealing with Criticism in Leadership
Great leaders know that the only way to avoid criticism is to say nothing and do nothing that upsets the status quo. But, if you’re a great leader, you’re focused on taking the necessary actions to implement your positive vision of the future and improve the condition of the world, your organization, or your team. […]
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How to Play Office Politics Without Selling Your Soul

Office Politics and Leadership
Playing politics simply refers to the dynamics of, and struggles for, power. Politics exist in every organization, and we should expect its presence in the workplace. Politics are even played at home when a child lobbies one parent, or plays one parent off the other parent to achieve their goals. Building relationships to create momentum […]
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Leading a New Team – How to Ensure a Successful Transition

Leading a New Team
Congratulations on your new leadership position! Next — reality. Research over the past 15 years has consistently shown that approximately 40% of managers newly hired, or promoted into bigger leadership roles, fail. That’s a scary statistic. So, how do you avoid becoming a part of this statistic? Here’s how to not only survive your hiring […]
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How to Build a Vision for Today and Tomorrow

Which is more important: a short-term or a long-term vision? The answer is… both. A vision is a clear mental picture of a future desired state, preferably written. A great analogy for a vision is a jigsaw puzzle. Before you even begin to organize and assemble the small puzzle pieces that are inside of the […]
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Great Leaders Love Being Uncomfortable!

I am fond of the words, “Great leaders get bored quickly.” As I have studied great leaders, I have observed that once they learn to do something, they love delegating what they have learned to someone else and then focusing their energy on thinking strategically and/or learning something new. The challenge of thinking strategically or […]
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Are You a Leader People Want to Follow?

The difference between a leader and a manager is simple. A leader may or may not have a title, but, what they always have are relationships where people are motivated to follow them. Throughout our careers as consultants, we’ve coached many leaders who have struggled to build effective relationships with either bosses, direct reports, or […]
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The Top Six Characteristics of Great Leaders

A participant asked me in a seminar, “If you had to boil down the characteristics of a great leader to just the top six, what would they be?” It is easy to make a long list of characteristics of a great leader. You could probably generate 20 or more traits. For example, being ethical or […]
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The Benefits of Being a Questioning Leader

My 94-year-old father is fond of saying, “Remember, people like you better when they are talking.” Great leaders have figured this out. They have a well-defined ability to lead by asking, rather than telling. These leaders ask great questions, especially when they don’t know the answer. They know that if you ask enough of the […]
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The Critical Connection Between Confidence and Leadership

The Critical Connection Between Confidence and Leadership
During the past twenty years, our research and hands-on experience with leaders has led us to feel strongly that there is one aspect of leadership that is so critical, that without it, real leadership cannot exist. That one critical component is confidence. Confidence is the foundation of leadership. You can teach a leader to be […]
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