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Be True to Your Organizational Culture

Be True to Your Organizational Culture - Foosball
Articles about the legendary corporate cultures of Apple, Zappos, Google and similar high tech or entrepreneurial organizations abound. In these laid back organizations, employees accomplish phenomenal outcomes, all while bringing their dogs to work, playing foosball, darts, assorted video games, pianos, ping pong, swimming in lap pools, and going to gyms that include yoga, dance […]
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Here’s How to Succeed Despite Moving Goals

Luckily for the players in the 2014 World Cup, the goal posts don’t move. However, in real life, goals are a moving target. Sometimes, the following monologue plays in my head: Won’t somebody please give me the playbook and tell me what’s next, and how it all ends? I’ve got great goals and a good […]
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6 Strategies to Improve your Leadership Effectiveness

To be a great and effective leader, you need to be very clear on your vision, and what actions you need to take to turn your vision into a reality. And, like an organization or a team, to be an effective leader, you need to focus on the few key areas that will have the […]
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Can you Change your Company Culture?

Image via Phil Whitehouse, Flickr | Arrow pointing right
There’s a lot of talk about cultures these days, and for good reason. Culture is the collective values, behaviors and habits displayed by those who work for the organization. While two competitive organizations may have the exact same mission, their cultures can be radically different. An organization’s culture is a large driving force in how […]
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Small Decisions and their Big Impact

Small Decisions and their Big Impact | train tracks crossover
Most of us are well aware of the big decisions we have made and the significant impact those decisions have had in our lives. The decision to attend a university and graduate is a big decision that most people would agree had a positive impact on their life (with the exception of the student loan […]
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Playing it Safe Might Be the Riskiest Strategy

business man with his head buried in the sand
A senior level manager we are coaching shared with me a powerful story. One of her peers had secretly confessed to her that she was leaving the company after she received her annual bonus check. When I asked the leader we were coaching if she had let her CEO know this important information, she said […]
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There’s More to Success than Passion

There's More to Success than Passion
There is an old cliché–and even a book–titled, Do What You Love, the Money Will Follow! If you Google “love your job” or “passion for your job,” you’ll be overwhelmed with the amount of articles that come up. Passion in your job is such a popular topic that there are even coaching companies who have […]
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6 Words that Will Hurt your Ability to Lead

6 Words That will Hurt your Ability to Lead | Business man with caution tape on his face | I'll be honest with you
There’s one question that I have been asked hundreds of times in my career and it is, “Can I be honest with you? Other variations of the same line include: “I’m going to be honest with you.” “I need to be transparent with you.” Or, better yet, “Can I be frank?” Every time someone asks […]
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7 Ways Leaders Can Make Their Own Luck

7 Ways Leaders Can Make Their Own Luck - Slot Machines
Winning the lottery is luck. Your physical size or height is luck. I even feel there is luck in meeting the love of your life. Where you’re born and who you’re born to has an element of luck. There is a lot of research that statistically documents it is easier to be born rich. Tom […]
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Mentors are Everywhere

Mentors are Everywhere | Two kids looking at a computer screen.
Will somebody please slow down this crazy world and give me time to catch up? No. That’s not going to happen. As slowing down is not an option in today’s fast-paced, competitive world, our only option is to speed up our learning process. To optimize our ability to learn quickly and efficiently, finding a mentor […]
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