Why Nice Leaders Fail

upset leader
Several of the organizations and departments that we work with have leaders that we would describe as “nice” people. They are the type of people you would like to have over for dinner or have as personal friends. They would do anything to help you or support you in your efforts. When we describe this […]
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Employee Turnover: The Top Five Myths and How to Handle It

Empty office signifying employee turnover
Most leaders do not focus on turnover until it is already a problem. As the economy slowly continues to recover, surveys are telling us that a larger number of employees are likely to seek out a job in a different organization over the next year. More specifically, The Hay Group, a global consulting firm, tells […]
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What Many Leaders Misunderstand About Fairness

What Many Leaders Misunderstand about Fairness
You probably weren’t in your leadership role for a long period of time before you heard someone on your team say, “That’s not fair.” There is no doubt that that accusation stung because you are ethical, honest, and above all . . . a fair leader. The term “fair” means different things to different people. […]
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How to Build a Culture Rich in Creativity and Innovation

Crumpled paper to symbolize ideas and creativity
Many managers are proficient in leading a team that has a solid reputation for maintaining the status quo and producing consistent, high quality results. These managers lead teams that are good at making small incremental improvements. For example, the changes they implement one month will lead to a 3 percent improvement in future productivity. Those […]
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The Key Ingredient of Purposeful Leadership

Hand holding sun | The Key Ingredient of Purposeful Leadership
An executive in a large manufacturing organization shared with me an example where one of his managers was treating his direct reports in a very disrespectful way. This manager yelled and used foul language when speaking to his direct reports on a frequent basis. The executive showed me an email the manager had sent out […]
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Six Ways Leaders Can Multiply Great Ideas

Six Ways Leaders Can Multiply Great Ideas
In 1982, Michael Keaton and Henry Winkler starred in the movie Night Shift. Henry and Michael played two attendants holding down the night shift at the city morgue. Henry played Chuck; an uptight, reserved, by the book employee, while Michael played Bill; an off-the-wall, self-professed “idea man.” Bill lived Steinbeck’s quote, “Ideas are like rabbits. […]
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Many Leaders Skip This Vital Step

Many Leaders Skip this Vital Step
Recently, when provided with individual Leadership Development Assessment (360) feedback, a credit union manager replied, “I get the vision thing.” When prompted for more explanation, this leader said that she had previously tried to put into practice things she had learned in leadership training, but realized that while she was focusing on getting things done […]
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Be True to Your Organizational Culture

Be True to Your Organizational Culture - Foosball
Articles about the legendary corporate cultures of Apple, Zappos, Google and similar high tech or entrepreneurial organizations abound. In these laid back organizations, employees accomplish phenomenal outcomes, all while bringing their dogs to work, playing foosball, darts, assorted video games, pianos, ping pong, swimming in lap pools, and going to gyms that include yoga, dance […]
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6 Strategies to Improve your Leadership Effectiveness

To be a great and effective leader, you need to be very clear on your vision, and what actions you need to take to turn your vision into a reality. And, like an organization or a team, to be an effective leader, you need to focus on the few key areas that will have the […]
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There’s More to Success than Passion

There's More to Success than Passion
There is an old cliché–and even a book–titled, Do What You Love, the Money Will Follow! If you Google “love your job” or “passion for your job,” you’ll be overwhelmed with the amount of articles that come up. Passion in your job is such a popular topic that there are even coaching companies who have […]
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