Leading a New Team – How to Ensure a Successful Transition

Leading a New Team
Congratulations on your new leadership position! Next — reality. Research over the past 15 years has consistently shown that approximately 40% of managers newly hired, or promoted into bigger leadership roles, fail. That’s a scary statistic. So, how do you avoid becoming a part of this statistic? Here’s how to not only survive your hiring […]
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Great Leaders Love Being Uncomfortable!

I am fond of the words, “Great leaders get bored quickly.” As I have studied great leaders, I have observed that once they learn to do something, they love delegating what they have learned to someone else and then focusing their energy on thinking strategically and/or learning something new. The challenge of thinking strategically or […]
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What Successful Organizations Did Differently in the Recession

What Successful Organizations Did Differently in the Recession
Time flies when you consider it has been approximately six years since we experienced the start of the Great Recession…most likely dealing organizations the biggest economic changes and impact of our time. As the recession started to take hold, how quickly did you make personal and organizational changes to align to a new reality? Here […]
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How to Build a Culture Rich in Creativity and Innovation

Crumpled paper to symbolize ideas and creativity
Many managers are proficient in leading a team that has a solid reputation for maintaining the status quo and producing consistent, high quality results. These managers lead teams that are good at making small incremental improvements. For example, the changes they implement one month will lead to a 3 percent improvement in future productivity. Those […]
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Can you Change your Company Culture?

Image via Phil Whitehouse, Flickr | Arrow pointing right
There’s a lot of talk about cultures these days, and for good reason. Culture is the collective values, behaviors and habits displayed by those who work for the organization. While two competitive organizations may have the exact same mission, their cultures can be radically different. An organization’s culture is a large driving force in how […]
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Small Decisions and their Big Impact

Small Decisions and their Big Impact | train tracks crossover
Most of us are well aware of the big decisions we have made and the significant impact those decisions have had in our lives. The decision to attend a university and graduate is a big decision that most people would agree had a positive impact on their life (with the exception of the student loan […]
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Playing it Safe Might Be the Riskiest Strategy

business man with his head buried in the sand
A senior level manager we are coaching shared with me a powerful story. One of her peers had secretly confessed to her that she was leaving the company after she received her annual bonus check. When I asked the leader we were coaching if she had let her CEO know this important information, she said […]
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How All Leaders Can Embrace Technological Change

How All Leaders Can Embrace Technological Change | Hand holding a phone with a Facebook-style like
According to Michael Cox, vice president and chief economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, the rate of technological adoption spreading throughout the population is incrementally speeding up. While it took over 25 years for half of the U.S. population to have a telephone in their home, it only took five years for cell […]
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Change is All About Perspective

Change is All About Perspective | Holding up rose colored sunglasses
What’s the difference between seeing a change as negative or positive? Your world view. Your attitude. The only thing you have 100% control over is your attitude. Everything else happens around us, happens to us, but each day we wake up and we get to make a choice about what kind of attitude we have. […]
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Strong Leaders Continuously Learn

Strong Leaders are Continuous Learners
The world and the economy are changing in ways that make most people say, “I have never seen times as challenging as these.” As we have said before, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The time is now for saying, “Whether it is perfect, not broke, partially broken, or completely broken, we need to […]
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