• “Thank you for the excellent workshop here in Vegas the other day and your peer evaluation information. I found the information and process highly valuable. I also want to thank you for The Competent Leader book.” – Senior Vice President of Risk Oversight, Nevada State Bank

  • “When I first met you, you told me that you could condition even the largest offenders of customer service protocol and I figured that certain departments would fall into place, but never did I think that our events security group would ever come around. You did it! When it comes to Customer Service and Fan Loyalty Programs, there’s no doubt the first call should be to you! ” – VP Marketing & Special Events, New England Patriots

  • “I am sitting in the event ops training right now and this is great! Our employees are so into this and Peter is doing an absolutely outstanding job!! I will be walking around to see other groups but I just had to share because this is really exciting to watch.” – Human Resources Manager, The Boston Red Sox

  • “Monday night's supervisor training was honestly the most practical and applicable professional development that I have been part of - not only as a Red Sox employee, but also in my full time job as a teacher. In the past, we've received an even more in-depth customer service training as our supervisor session, which is helpful, but Monday's shift in looking at how to be effective leaders gave me a truly renewed energy and sense of purpose in my specific role for the Sox. I left Monday with not only a lot to think about, but tangible ways to try out many of the ideas with my coworkers and our staff in the coming weeks. I really appreciated that I was able to gain so much from you.” – Supervisor, The Boston Red Sox

  • “Jane did an excellent job (on Presenting to Influence) and received many positive reviews. I look forward to working with you again. ” – VP of Audit Services, Sempra Energy

  • “*A* has responded very positively and comments quite often on how the executive has applied what you've taught. As I described to my other colleague yesterday, A's personality hasn't changed, they remain a hard charger in everything. The skills you taught A are doing a great deal to focus that energy in a much more positive way. I would call this effort a great success. Thank you for supporting A” – VP of Credit Risk, Columbia Credit Union

  • “Based on conversations within the organization, we felt like we knew what was working and in what areas we had work to do. The survey helped validate most of our informal conclusions and gave us specific feedback that will help us prioritize initiatives where there is the strongest sentiment among employees for improvement” – DCI Group

  • “Through the results of the survey, we have been able to make a specific, targeted effort to improve in the areas that make the greatest positive impact to our employees.” – Phoenix Suns

  • “The Employee Opinion Survey is one of the best tools for taking the pulse of the organization, and evaluating the impact of changes we have made since the last survey.” – WD-40 Company

  • “The Employee Opinion Survey has helped us better understand our organizational culture, acknowledge what we do well, and identify and address employee concerns, which has led to a variety of workplace improvements. Not only has our management team demonstrated commitment to improvement, our staff has been engaged in the improvement process and empowered to be part of the solution.” – Rady Children’s Hospital

  • “We have benefited from the Employee Opinion Survey by improving ourselves from the knowledge gained by it and have become a preferred employer. This allows us to hire, develop and promote the best employees in San Diego” – La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club

  • “Our Employee Opinion Survey provided us with a snapshot of the organization, allowing us to clearly and quickly recognize areas of strength and immediate areas for improvement. Without the survey results, the lengthy, time-consuming process of identifying these opportunities may have left us at a disadvantage in the industry” – California Bank & Trust

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