Engaged! Tip#2 - Motivate Your Team

Five Ideas To Help Motivate Your Staff That Will Not Cost You A Dime

  1.  Leave a voice mail message.  Twice in the past month, people have played voice mail messages for us that their bosses had left for them.  They have been so proud of these “Great job!” messages that they wanted to share them with us.  This is a great motivator because you can do it at the exact moment you think about it rather than trying to remember to tell the employee at some later time. 
  2. Attach a note to the paycheck.  This is especially effective when you have a specific thank you to share with the employee.  Just writing “thank you” on a post-it note and attaching it to the check is not as effective as stating, “John, thank you for all the support you have given me over the last two weeks in getting the proposal completed.  I am grateful for all your hard work.  Thanks.”  
  3. Send an employee in your place.  If appropriate in your work environment, a great motivator is to send an employee to a meeting you normally attend.  Although employees usually enjoy attending a meeting where they are not normally invited, something more important is conveyed.  By sending the employee in your place, you are saying, “I trust and value you.”  Feeling trusted and valued are big motivator.  
  4. Look the employee in the eye, shake his/her hand and say, “Great job!”  Although it is important to say “great job” about a specific accomplishment, by adding a personal touch this becomes one of the most powerful motivator that there is.  If your comments are genuine, these elements work wonders. 
  5. Tell the employees they were missed.  From time to time, employees miss work.  Whether it was a personal holiday, vacation time, or sick leave, it feels good to know that people thought about you and missed you when you were gone.  Being acknowledged this way is a positive motivator.


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