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For the past twenty years, our team at Peter Barron Stark Companies has been helping organizations across an ever expanding list of industries, improve their cultures through a wide range of services. Whether you are in need of one of our customized services, such as an employee engagement survey, executive coaching, leadership/employee training, or are facing a unique organizational challenge that requires a new and customized solution, we can help you take your organization to the next level.

Our customized approach allows our consultants to gain unique insights into your organization, allowing them to provide quality services that will cultivate engaged employees and loyal customers.


Our 20 years of experience in conducting hundreds of surveys in the public and private sectors has positioned us as a leader in crafting surveys that provide an accurate picture of an organization and pave the way to workplace excellence.

We specialize in:
Employee Engagement Surveys
Leadership Development Assessments (360′s)
Board Assessments

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Inside every winning organization there is a high performing team. Our consultants can help your team clarify their direction, improve professional relationships, and identify barriers that need to be overtaken in order for your organization to reach its full potential.


We specialize in:
Executive Coaching
Strategic Planning
Executive Team Development
Performance Management Systems
Organizational Assessments
Executive Team Assessments

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When you have engaged leaders and employees, the organization is infused with productivity and creativity. One way to engage your leaders and employees is to ensure they have the skills needed to properly do their job. Our training programs are designed to provide leaders and employees with the skills they need to be successful. When employees are successful, the organization thrives.

We specialize in:
Leadership Training
Employee Training
Customer Service Training

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Even the “Best of the Best” leaders know that there is always room for improvement. The Manager’s Toolkit is the one stop action planning website for becoming an even stronger, more effective leader. Managers will read recommendations, related articles, suggested actions, and watch informative videos that will guide them through improving their leadership skills.

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Employee engagement is on the mind of every HR professional today. Employees are being tasked with doing more with less and many have become discouraged and disengaged. Your organization needs every employee performing at 100%. How do you cultivate an engaged workforce and maximize the discretionary effort of your employees? Based on extensive research of over 250 organizations and 100,000 employees, we’ve identified what successful leaders do to engage employees and earn their respect, commitment, and loyalty.

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