Organizational Assessments

Organizational Assessments are powerful tools for identifying an organization's strengths and areas in need of improvement. They are the critical starting point for initiating any type of organizational change. Our Organizational Assessment will sift through the "symptoms" and identify the actual issues that need to be resolved in order to move your company forward.

We begin by conducting one-on-one interviews and focus groups with members of the management team and a cross section of employees. Input from employees and managers representing a variety of levels and departments in the organization will provide us with an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing your organization. Additionally, the interviews will provide your employees with an opportunity to be involved in the development of strategic interventions and thereby increase their interest and "buy-in."

Interview information is then compiled and analyzed to provide you with a written summary of the information obtained, customized recommendations and a proposed Action Plan. Our consultants can work with you to set the Action Plan in motion and get your organization on its way to translating your vision into reality.

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