Conducting an Employee Engagement Survey is one of the quickest ways to provide you with the objective, quantifiable data you need in order to identify your organization’s strengths, as well as the areas where you need to take action to become an employer of choice.

A well conducted Employee Opinion Survey is a powerful tool, helping the organization understand reality from their employees’ perspective. The data gained will clearly indicate what’s working and what needs improving, giving management first hand knowledge of the organization's current culture, and allowing them to make informed strategic decisions. Not only will these decisions positively impact employee satisfaction, but also productivity, communication, engagement, and even customer satisfaction. Understanding and taking action on these critical factors ultimately leads to a positive impact on the bottom line.

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The Greek philosopher Plato said, "Know thyself." His advice is right, but not easy to follow. We all have blind spots, gaps, and distortions in our perceptions of ourselves. One of the best ways a leader can 'know thyself' is to get a look through the eyes of others. Knowing the person that others see, can help the individual understand the reasons behind others' reactions and this will enable the leader to more effectively lead by earning the trust, respect and loyalty of others.

Our Leadership Development Assessment is an organizational tool for helping managers at all levels become more effective by increasing their self-awareness and self-understanding. The Leadership Development Assessment works on the principle of multilevel feedback. The assessment provides a comparative profile of the manager’s leadership skills as seen by others as well as themselves.

Managers will receive feedback from their boss, peers, internal/external customers and direct reports. Our consultants will create customized recommendations and will then work with the manager to develop a proposed Action Plan to help them become the leader they want to be.

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Many organizations today are dealing with the toughest business and economic climate they have ever faced. Assessing a board's effectiveness is an important step in an organization's success because an effective and strong board is a sign of an effective and strong organization. With a Board Assessment, Peter Barron Stark Companies will help you and your Board Members identify strengths and areas in need of improvement to and develop a plan that will make your Board even stronger.

In our Board Assessments, a senior consultant from Peter Barron Stark Companies conducts one-on-one interviews with each Board Member, the CEO, and a cross-section of the senior management team. Based on the topics brought up in the interviews, a customized survey is delivered to each director for an opportunity to provide anonymous feedback on topics raised. The assessment and recommendations will provide actions that can be immediately implemented to help build an even more powerful, productive Board.

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