Board Assessments

Many organizations today are dealing with the toughest business and economic climate they have ever faced. Assessing a Board's effectiveness is an important step in an organization's success, because an effective and strong board is a sign of an effective and strong organization. With a Board Assessment, Peter Barron Stark Companies will help you and your Board Members identify strengths and areas in need of improvement: this information will be used to develop an Action Plan to increase the overall effectiveness of your Board.

In our Board Assessments, a senior consultant from Peter Barron Stark Companies conducts one-on-one interviews with each Board Member, the CEO, and a cross-section of the senior management team. Based on the topics brought up in the interviews, a customized survey is delivered to each director for an opportunity to provide anonymous feedback on topics raised. The assessment and recommendations will provide actions that can be immediately implemented to help to build an even more powerful, productive Board.


  • Create an assessment that helps measure the current effectiveness of the Board
  • Provide recommendations that will help your organization build and maintain a high performing Board that delivers significant value to the organization
  • Improve communication, teamwork, and trust among Board members and the Executive Team

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