Setting High Performance Goals

Research has demonstrated time and time again that successful people and organizations are goal-directed. Whether participants want to increase sales, solve a problem, motivate the team, meet and exceed sales goals, obtain a promotion, become more physically fit, or spend more time with their families, the key to success and the success of your organization starts with goal setting. This session will address how to align individual goals with organizational goals, strategies for setting specific and measurable goals, and methods to help employees focus their goals on results rather than activities. Participants will set specific and measurable goals and identify common roadblocks to successful goal completion.

We begin this training program with a thorough assessment developed through interviews with managers, supervisors, and employees. This helps us gain an inside look at the opportunities and challenges your organization faces. We then process that information to develop a customized program tailored to meet your needs. Our experienced trainers spend as much time researching your organization and tailoring the program to your specific needs as they do presenting the course.


Educate managers and supervisors on setting measurable performance goals for their teams that align with the organization’s strategic objectives and standards.


  • The benefits of being an avid goal setter
  • Why people and organizations do not set goals
  • How to overcome the obstacles that keep us from setting and achieving goals
  • The "nuts and bolts" of setting great goals
  • S. M. A. R. T. goals
  • A blueprint for achieving goals
  • Overcoming procrastination... our biggest enemy
  • An Action Plan for bringing goals to life

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