Recognizing and Rewarding Performance

Motivating the Team Without Money

One of the most frequent complaints we hear from supervisors and managers is that their workers lack productivity or motivation. Supervisors and managers feel this lack of motivation is responsible for many of the problems they encounter. These problems range from workers not getting along, to coming into work late, to a lack of productivity.

The fact is we are all motivated by something. Whatever we do, we are motivated by either a fear or a reward. Employees who are judged as unmotivated or unproductive, are in a sense, as they are not contributing to what the supervisor or manager feels will meet the team's needs or those of the organization.


This program is designed for supervisors and managers who want to create an environment where employees are motivated to achieve their own goals, as well as organizational goals.

We begin this training program with a thorough assessment developed through interviews with managers, supervisors, and employees. This helps us gain an inside look at the opportunities and challenges your organization faces. We then process that information to develop a customized program tailored to meet your needs. Our experienced trainers spend as much time researching your organization and tailoring the program to your specific needs as they do presenting the course.


  • What motivates the leaders and their employees
  • How to create meaningful recognition
  • How to create and role model a personal leadership vision that will create an environment to keep the motivational spirit alive
  • The difference between "gift" and "commodity" relationships...the key to motivating others
  • Ten steps to setting an achievement climate
  • Methods of motivation besides money

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