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9 Ways to Enhance Top-Down Communication

Ensuring effective top-down communication is a key responsibility of senior management. However, many organizations still struggle with ineffective communication.   According to our benchmarks for Employee Opinion and Engagement Surveys,...

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The Right Kind of Diversity Builds Team Success

Diversity has long been linked to a team’s success. Most of us think about diversity in terms of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status or religion. But, there are...

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Increasing Workplace Culture and Morale Isn’t HR’s Job

Peer-supervisor After companies conduct an Employee opinion survey, they are faced with the challenge of taking action to create real change. Where some organizations go wrong is holding HR accountable for...

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The 50/50 Odds of Executive Coaching

Executive-coaching-leadership We often receive calls from our clients that go something like this, “Peter, I have an executive/manager on my team who is technically sound and highly competent at doing his...

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The 10 C’s of Great Leadership

Confidence-Competance Our work with great leaders over the past two decades has taught us that all truly great leaders exemplify ten “must have’” characteristics that enable them to exceed strategic goals,...

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