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Challenging the status quo or derailing your strategic plan?

Are you allowing a senior leader to coast while organizational results and revenues are suffering?  Most likely, this manager is getting enough accomplished to get by and satisfied by his...

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Ethical Leadership: A new kind of poverty?

Every day we are bombarded with news about decisions made by leaders that cause us to question their integrity and ethics. So much so that we have banned the news...

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10 Traits of a Great Executive Team

The success, or the failure, of an executive team can be felt throughout the organization. Strong teamwork and communication at the top, trickles down through all levels of management, to...

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3 Keys to Achieving a Win-Win Outcome

Have you ever walked away from a negotiation thinking, “I will never do business with this person again!” If so, you probably felt like you lost big time. Although great...

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7 Ways to Act Effectively on Negative Feedback

building-trust No one enjoys receiving criticism or negative feedback. It especially tends to sting when it highlights something you need to change. Unfortunately, leadership requires us to be able to accept...

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