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9 Ways Leaders Maximize Their Time

time-management-leadership It often feels like there aren’t enough hours in a day to get all the daily tasks done, let alone strategize and further your leadership vision. Almost every manager can...

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From Peer to Supervisor…Managing the Minefield

Peer-supervisor Congratulations! You’ve just been notified by your boss that you received the promotion. You’re both excited and scared. Excited because your hard work is paying off, and your salary just...

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Turning Intention into Action

intentions and actions Intentions are great when they inspire and motivate you to take positive actions to better yourself, or the condition of your team, family, house, etc. But when it comes to...

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8 Ways to Boost Your Happiness

Leadership Happiness As a leader, you are both directly and indirectly the Chief Morale Officer, and it’s your job to create an environment where team members love coming to work. When you...

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How Great Executive Teams Embrace Conflict

Executive-conflicts Executive team members are not immune from conflicts with their fellow executives. How these executives choose to handle conflicts, however, is a factor that separates great executive teams from average...

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