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Open Doors and Closed Minds

approachable-leaders Many managers claim to have an open door policy. While these managers’ doors may be open, employees often find their minds are closed. Stated another way, their managers are not...

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7 Ways to Increase Cross-Departmental Teamwork

  One of the most common consulting requests we receive involves helping executives and their organization improve cross-departmental teamwork. As organizations grow and competition increases, this lack of teamwork across...

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Retaining Top Talent and the Role of Exit Interviews

exit interview questions The ultimate goal of every organization is to retain their top talent. And yet, every company loses employees. The best organizations make understanding the reasons employees leave part of their...

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8 Ways to Handle Employees Who Are Not Team Players

teamwork and leadership Occasionally, teams struggle to present a united front for a number of reasons. But when the problem stems from individuals who work for their individual benefit rather than the team’s...

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Are You a Leader, Manager, or Hostage?

hostage-leader We have come across a number of managers who fail to confront an employee’s unacceptable behaviors for a variety of reasons. Failing to hold team members accountable for their behavior...

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