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7 Ways to Encourage Open Communication

An executive we work with recently mentioned that employees had not expressed concerns or recommended any organizational changes to the leadership team. This was taken as good news until I...

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Successfully Moving from Peer (and friend) to Manager

  You’ve just received a promotion, and you’re ecstatic.  You can’t wait to start your new leadership position, and the wheels are already turning with exciting ideas to implement.  But,...

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Boss . . . We Have A Problem!

  No one likes to be the bearer of bad news, but life happens and problems are a reality. So how do you bring a problem to your manager’s attention...

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Leading Change in the Face of Opposition

Leading Change   Robert F. Kennedy once said, “About twenty percent of the people are against any change.” Our findings, in working with managers and supervisors tasked with leading organizational change, support...

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Great Leaders Make Tough Decisions Quickly

Leadership decisions Sound decisions are a hallmark of great leadership. But, that doesn’t make decisions, such as whether to terminate a member of the team or share an employee concern with your...

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