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8 Habits of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

emotional_intelligence We’re all familiar with what an IQ is, but far fewer people are in touch with how their EQ, or emotional intelligence, impacts their success. To be effective at building...

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Gratitude is Good for Us, and Good for Business

Gratitude in Leadership Gratitude has one of the strongest links to mental health and satisfaction with life of any personality trait—more so than even optimism, hope, or compassion. Grateful people experience higher levels...

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Do Your Words Attract or Repel Others?

Effective communication To be successful as a leader, you need to be able to build relationships where people are highly motivated to follow your passion, vision, and direction. Consider for a moment...

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The Critical Role of Top-Down Communication

Effective Communication Management at all levels of an organization play a significant role in the communication that flows down to employees. Despite their best efforts, top-down communication continues to be an issue for many...

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Leading Your Team to Consensus

building-consensus More than ever, organizations find themselves relying on consensus and buy-in from employees in order to stay competitive and successful. Global competition, mergers, acquisition, changes in governmental regulations, and increased...

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