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The 10 C’s of Great Leadership

Confidence-Competance Our work with great leaders over the past two decades has taught us that all truly great leaders exemplify ten “must have’” characteristics that enable them to exceed strategic goals,...

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5 Ways to Generate Ideas that Add Strategic Value

In 1982, Michael Keaton and Henry Winkler starred in the movie Night Shift. Henry and Michael played two attendants holding down the night shift at the City Morgue. Henry played...

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7 Ways to Fail Your Way to Success

When we think about success, failure isn’t the word that usually comes to mind. And yet, success rarely happens without multiple failures along the way.   Most people we would...

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The Critical Ingredient of Extraordinary Customer Service

In today’s global marketplace where many companies offer similar products for comparable or lower prices, great organizations know the competitive edge is gained or sacrificed through customer service.  In a...

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Great Leaders Keep Employees Uncomfortable

Ensuring a positive and engaging work environment is a key leadership responsibility. But, when people confuse this responsibility with keeping everyone happy and base their decisions solely on this goal,...

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